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Dachau is one of the first concentration camps in Germany, founded March 22, 1933 in Dachau, near Munich.

Use free sample research papers on Dachau to learn that after the Reichstag fire on 27 February, a State of emergency was introduced in March by President Hindenburg, for a period of 5 years. After well-known events, in June, the “self-dissolution” of all parties began: the Social Democrats was the first, and after them it was right party Catholic Centre. From 5th July a one-party dictatorship was established. In December 1933, the absolute majority in the Reichstag were National Socialists (93% of the votes), who came to the conclusion that through this majority the national unity was achieved, and elections are no longer needed. Many people were arrested and became the first generation of the Dachau prisoners. But some of them (the Germans, neither the Jews nor the Communists), after going through the process of reformation (which in the first half of the 30s could be just a few months) were released.

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The concentration camp was the first “advanced ground” where system of punishment and other forms of physical and psychological influence on the prisoners were tested.

Before the Second World War, Dachau concentration camp contained people, who, for various reasons, were “polluting” the Aryan race, according to racial theory. These were political opponents of the Nazi regime, particularly the Communists, Socialists, the clergy opposing the regime, as well as the mentally ill, prostitutes, drug addicts, etc.

Many prisoners of Dachau were forced to work and used as free labour on nearby industrial plants, including the plants of the IG Farben.

During the war, the Dachau acquired a sinister fame as one of the most terrible concentration camps, where the prisoners were subjected to medical experiments. Heinrich Himmler and other top Nazis, regularly visited the Dachau with inspection, and observe such experiments.

These medical experiments included exploring the possibility of controlling the behavior of the person. This was done on the orders of National Socialist military agencies. Also by the order of Himmler, Rusher Sigmund studied the effects of cold on humans. Many of the experimental prisoners died, because Rusher Sigmund could not find the correct way to deal with hypothermia.

Until the end of the war, one of the prisoners in Dachau was a German anti-fascist, pastor of a Protestant church Martin Niemöller, the author of the anti-fascist winged words “When they came …”.

The Dachau prisoner underground organization, headed by an International committee, , raised a rebellion on April 28, 1945, one day before the arrival of the U.S. troops, tearing down the existing plan to destroy the surviving prisoners.

The Plenipotentiary commander of the camp, SS-Obersturmbannführer Èduart Vajter, flied the cam on April 26th. The next head of the camp was SS-Obersturmbannführer Martin Gottfried Weiss (who already headed the Dachau concentration camp in 1942-1943), left the camp before the allies come.

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