Family Communication Research Paper

Psychology of family communication is based on the family members’ values, how they match, and finally that is the most important: their love and desire to be together or selfishness, a desire of each to defend their opinion at any cost, or one of them to be the “leader” and subdue the partner to his interests.

Students writing a research paper on family communication should know that members of a happy family are close to each other in spirit, in their values ??of interests. Each receives from another support, trust, and, of course, love. Being together, loving people experiencing mental and emotional comfort.

However, a lifestyle, assuming constant stress (at work or in business), financial problems, the notorious daily chores, which are undeveloped, the birth of children and related issues, unreasonable expectations from the other partner gradually lead to disappointment in each other and their life together.

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But disappointment and disunity are not inevitable consequences of few years of marriage. After all, nothing happens by itself. Each spouse is affected by choice he or her made, often unconsciously, on the basis of graft in his childhood behaviors, values, ??and beliefs.

Those who are happily married and happy for many years, can confirm that all problems can be overcome. For these people, psychology of communication in the family is the ability to understand and support each other, rather than to criticize and demand. Thus, it is more effective to negotiate and find a joint solution to the problem, instead of trying to impose your views to the partner; to maintain a genuine interest and emotional attachment to each other.

Psychology of family communication identifies as the main problems a lack of communication and behavior in conflicts skills, concentrating on their own emotions, feelings and interests, and indifference to the feelings of the partner; rejection of the partner’s interests or views on some aspects of life, permanent groundless claims, and criticism.

Naturally, a family communication built on this principle, gradually transformed into unfriendly or even hostile relationships and begin to oppress one or both spouses.

Lack of interest in the other person as an individual, his social life, work, hobbies, views, means the emotional alienation. Emotional intimacy is one of the essential components of a happy family life. It assumes that each spouse understands and accepts the emotional experiences other can share.

Loss of interest in each other and emotional intimacy are usually expressed in the fact that people have nothing to talk about with each other, they communicate only when necessary, begin to focus on the shortcomings of each other. Another manifestation of emotional alienation is that the spouses cease to address each other by name or by those affectionate nicknames that usually give people who love each other.

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