Gender Inequity Research Proposal

Gender inequality is the problem which is characterized with the unfair treatment, attitude and understanding of the male and female genders and their role in the society. The problem is quite relevant nowadays because there are numerous stereotypes about the value of men and women in the society. Gender inequality is connected with the human history, traditions and customs. Nearly every country at the dawn of its history placed the make gender on the leading positions, because the prehistoric times were extremely dangerous and only strong warriors could survive at that time and protect others.

This stereotype of a strong warrior remained till the middle of the 20th century in Western world and till now in the majority countries of East. The classic attitude towards women is quite obvious.

They were supposed to bring up children and fulfill various household duties. In additional, the women’s rights were seriously limited, and women could not receive education, vote, work, etc.

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The situation has changed in the middle of the 20th century when the female gender started to demand the equal attitude from the male side and improvement of their rights. Nowadays, the most obvious example of gender inequality is the unequal attitude towards men and women in the workplace. There are still stereotypes that women are worse than men at work, because of their skills, knowledge and the way of thinking and decision making. Of course, this attitude is invalid, because the gender does not influence the quality of work. The majority of the developed countries have mostly got rid of the problem on gender inequality, but the Asian world still treats its women like the people lower class.

Gender inequality is the serious problem which limits the human rights on the basis of their gender.

It is natural, that the problem has to be solved as quickly as possible, because everyone has the right to develop his skills and organize his life in the way he wants. The student who has decided to research the topic on gender inequality is supposed to construct a well-formatted and logical proposal which would explain the relevance of the topic, the main points on gender inequality essential for the investigation and quality methodology which would be used in the process of the analysis of the issue.

A research proposal is the assignment which is expected to contain reliable and up-to-date information about the problem of gender inequality and the relevant issue related with it. The student who wants to complete a worthy paper written in the persuasive tone should read a free gender inequality research proposal example online. The most obvious advantage of a free gender inequality research proposal sample is the ability to construct a well-structured paper under the assistance of the professional writer.

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