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Heart disease is a general term relating to diseases affecting the circulatory system. In 2004, it became one of the leading causes of death in most developed countries. The main risk factors for the heart disease are hereditary, high cholesterol, hypertension, diabetes, excess weight, and smoking, whether active or passive. Heart diseases are the result of an accumulation of these risk factors that cause changes in the genetic code and fat metabolism in the body. They dramatically accelerate physiological arteriosclerosis resulting reshuffle the arteries phenomenon atheroma.

Atherosclerosis, which is one of the most frequent components of the heart disease family, is a process that evolves over decades and is often silent until an acute event (heart attack) develops later in life. Clinical study has shown that the development of atherosclerosis occurs in childhood.

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Treatment depends on the specific disease you have and on the patient’s circumstances. An effective treatment includes lifestyle changes, medication, such as antihypertensive drugs, aspirin, and cholesterol-lowering drugs may be beneficial. Surgery and angioplasty may be necessary sometimes to open, repair, or replace damaged blood vessels.

The completed survey shows that nutritional recommendations of the NFA can be regarded as quite beneficial for the heart disease prevention. The positive effect was found for the reduced risk of cardiovascular disease, through a high milk fat consumption associated with daily intake of fruits and vegetables, which demonstrates that the bioactive compounds found in fruits and vegetables have a positive effect on health. In turn, it was shown that the low fat milk intake, combined with a bread consumption consisting of coarse bread and an intake of fish at least twice a week was not associated with reduced risk of heart disease in the studied cohort. The previously found fact that the Mediterranean diet had a protective effect on health was also supported. The combination of a high milk fat intake and fruit and vegetables, can be explained due to the fact that vitamins and other essential substances in fruits and vegetables usually are fat soluble.

Analyses were also conducted to see if there is any difference between pasteurized milk and unpasteurized milk, which showed that the results were basically unchanged. This allows pasteurized and unpasteurized milk have the same protective effect on cardiovascular disease according to the survey.

A study published in 2010 in order to investigate the myth surrounding the link between saturated fat and heart disease concluded that there is no significant association between intake of saturated fat and risk of cardiovascular illnesses and stroke. It is argued that studies have shown minimal difference where it falls within coincidence.

A Japanese study “JPHC Study” conducted on 38,084 men and 43,847 women showed no association between saturated fat and cardiovascular diseases. The study showed a reduced risk of heart attack in people who ate more saturated fat.

When using free example research paper topics on heart disease, you can learn that eating fatty fish at least twice a week can help reduce the risk of sudden death and arrhythmias.

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