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Julian Assange born July 3, 1971 in Townsville, Queensland, Australia, is an Australian journalist, programmer and Internet activist, best known for his involvement in the Internet-based whistleblower platform WikiLeaks, whose goal is to publish secret documents.

Assange was born in Australia and studied physics at the University of Melbourne. Since then he has lived and worked in China, Iran, Australia, USA, and UK. Assange was awarded the 2008 Economist Index on Censorship Award and the Amnesty International Media Award (New Media) for reporting of executions without previous trial in 2009.

From 1994, Assange has lived in Melbourne and employed as a programmer and a developer of free software.

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Assange is a member of the WikiLeaks Board of Directors, consisting of nine members, and is a prominent spokesman in the media for the organization. He has also been described as the site’s redactor and founder. Although he does not use the latter term about himself, he has admitted that he has the final decision-making authority in whether documents should be published on the site. Like everyone else involved in Wikileaks, Assange is not paid by the organization, but work as a volunteer.

90,000 secret NATO documents related to the U.S. war in Afghanistan have been posted on WikiLeaks, along with a security classified video filmed by the camera on a U.S. helicopter gunship in Iraq, showing how they shoot civilian reporters from Reuters.

After the event, the spokesmen for the U.S. Government encouraged other countries to investigate whether the leaks were contrary to their domestic safety legislation.

In August 2010, Julian Assange visited Sweden to present WikiLeaks recent disclosure. During the visit, Assange was arrested in absentia on suspicion of rape and sexual molestation of two women. The arrest was lifted barely one day later, on 25 August, by the regular prosecutor Eva Finné, and suspicion was changed to charge on molestation. On September 1, the investigation was resumed, now by Marianne Ny and rubric was changed once again to apply to rape. On November 18, Assange was arrested in absentia by the Stockholm District Court and 7 December it was reported that he was arrested by British police when he arrived at the police station. On December 16, Julian Assange was released on bail. On 24 February 2011, the court decided that Julian Assange should be extradited to Sweden. It was appealed and a new trial if the extradition was carried out 12 to 13 July 2011. On 2 November 2011, the High Court in England to reject his appeal and governed that he still should be extradited to Sweden. June 19, 2012, it was revealed that Assange sought political asylum in Ecuador, and thus found himself at the country’s embassy in London. 16 August 2012 it was announced that Ecuador has granted him asylum.

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