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Olive oil is a vegetable oil extracted from the fruit of the European olive (LAT. Olea europaea). The fatty acid composition is a mixture of triglycerides of fatty acids with very high content of esters of oleic acid. Olive oil has color from brownish-yellow to greenish-yellow and the taste with mild bitterness. Its melting point is +7 – +10° C, depending on the origin of the oil.

Use free sample research papers on the topic to learn that olive oil is one of the national products in Greece, Italy, and Spain. Since antiquity, this oil is an integral part of the Mediterranean diet. It has been used for lighting the temples, as well as at the celebration of the Christian and Jewish rites (see Holy oil).

Unfiltered Extra Virgin Unfiltered Olive Oil or filtered Olio d’oliva l’extravergine can be considered the best olive oil. The olive oil acidity is typically less than 1%.

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The first cold press olive oil is much appreciated, although this concept is rather arbitrary — the oil, to one degree or another, is heating up even during cold press. In addition, in modern conditions, olive oil is always pressed only once.

Wild olive tree grows in the north-eastern part of the Mediterranean, including Asia minor. Time and place of domestication of wood is the subject of long-standing disputes between scientists from different countries. It is known for the production of olive oil was the basis of the Minoan civilization well-being. The oldest olive oil vessels (proto-amphora) found in Crete date back to the middle of the 4000th BC.

Ancient Egypt purchased olive oil in Crete and Canaan. This oil is mentioned in historical documents (mid 3-5th millennia BC). The oil was used not only for food but also for skin care (basis for soap) and in the celebration of religious rites (the fuel for oil lamps). In the 8th century BC, the Phoenicians of Carthage brought Oliva to the coast of Spain, and the ancient Greeks to Italy. The Latin name of the plant (oleum) deviated from the ancient Greek ??????.

Olive tree is the national tree in the Greece. It was believed that this tree was made by Athena Pallas. The city of Athens was, as the legend goes, named after this goddess because residents of Attica have preferred that gift of her to the salt source offered by Poseidon.

The medical properties of olive oil declared by Hippocrates. The Hellenistic athletes used it to oil their skin. Pliny, however, preferred oil from Italy.

Frenchman Pierre-Joseph Amoureux in his book “Traité de l’olivier” (Montpellier, 1784) summarized the accumulated by the time data on the history of the olive tree and the different ways of getting oil. The detailed information about the history of this product is provided by specialized museums, opened in France, Spain, Greece, and other Mediterranean countries.

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