Research Paper on Nursing Shortage

Health care is an industry that must provide medical care to the entire population of the country in accordance with the State guarantees. And the need for doctors, pediatric paramedics, nurses and midwives, and other nursing personal is determined not only by the level of morbidity and mortality from some or other causes, but also by the structure of the medical network and institutional and medical technologies that are being used.

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Under the current system, medical workers have, in General, the role of physician’s assistants, executors of medical appointments. It should be noted that even when there is talking about the need to expand the functional responsibilities of the nurses, the reasons for that are not that nurse would become an expert, hosting her own decisions, but that the doctor will be able to assign to it a part of his routine work. It turns out that the expansion of the functions of nurses needed to resolve the issue with the doctor shortage. Continue reading

Social Work Research Paper

Social work is a professional activity with the aim of promoting the people, social groups to overcome personal and social difficulties, by support, protection, correction, and rehabilitation.

In the most general form, social work is a complex social phenomenon, self-contained area of scientific and practical knowledge, skills, and learning discipline.

Use free sample research papers on the topic to know that social work as a science can be understood as a field of scientific knowledge about the patterns of process control using internal and external resources of the individual, the family, or the community in situations of violations of social functioning.

The science object is a specific area of the reality, of the phenomena, processes, which is studying the science. Continue reading

Data Analysis Marketing Research Proposal

Data analysis marketing is the process of the scrupulous analysis of the information about the activity of the company for the improvement of the effectiveness of its marketing system. The idea of the data analysis marketing is to observe the core components of marketing through the different channels in order to define the general picture of the effectiveness of the marketing strategy of the business. The importance of data analysis can not be overestimated because the experts require definite and up-to-date information about the success of various techniques in order to see whether the general condition of the company’s marketing policy requires any improvement and alterations. Every company which develops its marketing structure requires the effective management of data about the different forms of its marketing system – online, TV, radio, printed ads, sales, promotions, discounts, etc. Continue reading

Evolutionary Psychology Research Paper

Evolutionary psychology is the direction of modern psychology, which studies human specific psychological characteristics as a representative of Homo sapiens species.

This trend has emerged at the intersection of different disciplines and branches of scientific knowledge: anthropology, sociobiology, ethology, psychology, and genetics.

Use free sample research papers on the topic to learn that evolutionary psychologists believe that human behavior is largely a result of genetic adaptations that have been developed to overcome recurring obstacles in the historic environment. More specifically, evolutionary psychology, considers the brain of humans and other primates as consisting of a large number of functional mechanisms, so-called mental adaptations. These have evolved through natural selection to favor an organism’s survival and reproduction and are universal within a species, with the exception of those that are gender-or age-specific. This includes also. Continue reading

Research Proposal on Marketing Communication

Marketing communication or promotion is one the four core elements of marketing mix, which is characterized with the integral complex of means of communication which is used for the delivery of information from the producer to consumers or target markets. Marketing communication embraces every activity of the company which is aimed at the promotion, remembering, persuasion and informing the customers about the goods and services of the firm. Marketing communication includes the informative ads which are supposed to inform the consumer about the existence of the production manufactured by the firm or to inform him about the possible changes and improvement of the product. The major aim of marketing communication is to persuade the consumer in the quality and originality of the product. The customer should want to buy the product without paying attention to its price after watching the ad. Continue reading

Sexual Assault Research Paper

Sexual assault in the most general form can be defined as a socially dangerous act prohibited by the criminal law, which essence is in flagrant violation of the normal sexual relationship in the society, as well as the norms of morality in the sphere of gender relations.

College students who want to use sexual assault as a topic for their research paper should not forget that the concept of sexual assault is complex and comprehensive. First of all, it includes such interests and benefits, as the sexual freedom of the individual and the sexual integrity of a person deemed incapable of giving informed consent to sexual relations. In addition, sexual offences are detrimental to normal physical or mental development of minors, as well as life and health, honor and dignity of the individual. Moreover, certain types of sexual crimes imply in the first place that such attacks are aimed at the normal way of sexual relationship established in a given society, as well as its moral climate. Continue reading

Role of Media in Democracy Research Paper

The media is an integral part of the society’s political system. the media system is a reflection of society. At the same time, the media have a serious impact on society and its status and development. They can contribute to the progress or dampen it. The media represent the interests of society, various social groups, and individual personalities. Their work has important political consequences, because the nature of the information, addressable audience, defines its relationship to reality and the direction of social action. Therefore, to general recognition of the political experts, media inform, not just report the news, but also promote certain ideas, insights, teachings, political programs and thereby participate in social management. By shaping public opinion, certain social attitudes, the formation of opinion, media are pushing people to certain actions, activities. Continue reading

Research Proposal on Components of Marketing

Components of marketing are the elements which have to be mentioned during the planning of the marketing strategy of every company. There are many components which are worth attention, but still there are several points which define the success or failure of the marketing strategy of the business. Before the creation of the business plan one should work out the detailed and effective marking strategy which will promote and advertise the product on the market, because without the smart organization of advertising even the best product will never attract attention of the customers.

The most important component of marketing is the research of the market. The expert will need to analyze what products are popular on the market and what target audience buys them. Moreover, one should learn about the competition on the sector of the market in order to understand whether there are chances to attract clients with the help of the production. Then, the expert should describe the product which he wants to introduce on the market. Continue reading

Research Paper on Islamic Women

Gender roles in Islam is defined by both Islamic writings and the history and culture of the Muslim world. The traditional Islamic law, Sharia, defines the differences between women’s and men’s roles, rights, and religious obligations. According to Islam and the Koran, the man and the woman in spiritual terms are equal before God, while the man and the woman are granted different roles in society.

Use free sample research papers on Islamic women to understand that in Islam, gender relations are governed more according to complement principles, than to gender equality. The Islamic view on gender roles can broadly be described as conservative with the family is the focus, where the man is in charge of security in the family, while the woman is in charge of the home and custody of any children until they reach the age of eight. Continue reading

Baroque Art Research Paper

Baroque (Italian barocco, literally quirky, strange), one of the dominant styles in architecture and visual arts in Europe and Latin America late 16th to mid-18th century. Baroque introduced the new ideas about the unity, infinity, and the diversity of the world, its dramatic complexity and eternal variability; its aesthetic was based on the conflict between man and the world, the perfect and sensual beginning, mind and irrationalism.

Use free sample research papers on the topic to know that Baroque art is characterized by grandeur, splendor and dynamics, pathetic, the intensity of the feelings of elation, the addiction to the spectacular entertainment, combining the real and the imaginary, strong contrasts and rhythms, materials and textures, light and shadow. In the Baroque there was a comprehensive synthesis of arts: urban ensembles, palaces and churches with whimsical plastic facades, hectic game of light and shadow, the complex curvilinear designs and abrisam acquired the picturesqueness and dynamism, became an integral part of surrounding paysage. Continue reading