Research on Playboy Magazine

Playboy magazine is one the most popular magazines for men around the world. Being the leader in entertainment industry and erotic show business playboy also pays a lot of attention for burning public and social problems. It had become a tradition for the most profitable and prosperous companies to participate in charity actions and playboy is not an exception. A considerable share of its profits is donated to different private and state charity organizations. The most important in this sphere done by playboy is that it involves celebrities, top models famous showmen to charity actions, which have a big resonance and promote idea of such noble activity. The idea of the magazine fully correlates with charity and promoting universal virtues of democracy and liberty. This magazine was probably the first one, which started to talk about private issues openly, and which brought to the surface a number of sexual problems, which were censored for decades. In this perspective the charity, which is done by the company, is the continuation of its philosophy of promoting new image of free liberal society. Besides sexual content playboy offers a lot of other useful information to its readers which has a very liberal content as well.

The idea of human rights work is another area of playboy’s activity. Since it was founded magazine published frank interviews with the most prominent public figures, politicians, singers, actors, etc.

The style of their life, their ideas and views on the world around, on society and their personal stories played an important role in the changing society of 1950’s, 1960’s. Playboy promoted ideas of universal liberty, supported human rights activists. Playboy interviewed Jimmy Carter, Martin Luther King, Ayn Rand and other famous people who shaped modern world and made it more liberal, democratic and open. It’s enough to read the interviews and look on the questions asked by playboy journalists to understand that the positions of Playboy magazine philosophy stand on the promoting of liberties, western civilization values and humanism. Humanism became in many respects central idea of playboy’s ideology as it had also a great influence on the outlook and consciousness of people who worked with playboy. Today a number of former playboy celebrities continue their public life in different volunteer organizations, which aid poor countries, help poor children around the world and play a great role in fund raising.

The popularity of Playboy brand made it an important player in entertainment industry, at the same time it continues to be an interesting magazine which touches the most important problems of politics, social life and today’s culture. The idea of promoting its values round the world found its continuation ion human rights activity and charity actions which have become famous due to the participation of playboy celebrities, movie stars and people from the world of show business. On the hand with making charity and fundraising an important component of today’s successful entertainment industry Playboy promotes its moral and ethic necessity.

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