Power Factor Improvement Research Paper

Power factor improvement requires the block of condensers, serving as a source of reactive-power. A device provides indemnification of reactive-power.

Those writers who are about to write their research papers on the topic should know that power factor is an important indicator characterizing the use of electric energy that shows, what percentage of the power taken from a source, the consumers will transform in useful.

The consumers of electric energy get full power from a source, using only the active power, but not the reactive power.

The higher active power on an enterprise, the more effective the equipment works. The costs on electric power conduce to the correction of the pricing coefficients, the products price and the prices on knotting-and-splicing, and can, in the total, change significantly.

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The less the phases shift angle between current and voltage, the more cos F and, consequently, the more active power at the same values of voltage and current. At the cos F= 1 all power is active.

If active power characterizes the energy, on useful work and coverage of losses in engines, transformers and so on, reactive-power characterizes energy that does not take the direct participating in useful work, and is expended only on creation of the variable electromagnetic fields. The values of active and reactive energy are determined on the indications of active and reactive energy register.

Thus calculated power factor ding some period of its operation (for one month) is called average weighted. During exploitation of the industrial equipment, they also distinguish values of instantaneous and middle power factors. The instantaneous power factor imply its real time value.

The inductive loading having a subzero power factor requires from generators and systems of transmission/of distribution to skip a reactive current (with lag from voltage of the system on 90 degrees) with the concomitant losses of active power and enhanceable losses of voltage, as the nature of reactive power is specified in subdivision.

Electrical engineering industry static condensers and synchronous compensators are produced for indemnification of change of phases and increase of cos f. The batteries of static condensers are installed in substations feeding industrial facilities with electric power. Powerful synchronous compensators (synchronous engines working in a specific mode) are built usually on end-capping substations of powerful lines of transmissions. Long-term experience of the compensators exploitation showed their great economic efficiency.

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