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The United States have always been famous for the progressive attitudes towards science and innovation. Recent decades produced numerous excitingly powerful hi-tech products that changed the lives of Americans forever. These might include computers, palms, Internet technologies, wireless communication, machinery and equipment, microchips, and much more – the list is almost endless.

Many electronic technologies – especially the most popular – have faced aggressive criticism that questioned the importance and necessity of such technologies. Their opponents found numerous drawbacks and possible negative influences that could have damaged the products reputation, but such attention is flattering – this means the product is interesting and people do not stay indifferent.

The importance of mobile technologies can hardly be questioned. Their introduction enabled humans solve problems more quickly and effectively and, what is much more important, it gave them an opportunity to communicate more.

Nowadays using cell phone is a common thing. It is useful in private life, entertainment and business. With the help of this technology, people are able to make distant calls at places, where land communication is not reachable. It gives an opportunity to stay in touch with family, friends and relatives in the twinkling of an eye, wherever one may be at that moment – in another state driving a car, on a business trip to another country or climbing Mount Everest.

Modern types of phones – cameraphones and videophones – enable to capture video and take photographs, which is a valuable feature when breaking news occure. The information is then shared via MMS (a private option) or internet sites (a more public option).

Beyond classic voice services and text messaging, mobile phones provide numerous extra features like call registers, Internet browsing, e-mail, radio, MP3, personal organizers, ringtones, games, Push-to-Talk (PTT), infrared and bluetooth connectivity, streaming video, and much more. In some countries, cellular phone companies provide immediate notification of natural disasters. If an emergency takes place, disaster response crews can locate trapped or injured people using the signals from their mobile phones. The value of mobile technology can hardly be underestimated.

Certainly, the mobile technology also has enemies. Two most popular claims against the use of mobile phones are that it is: a) harmful for brains and b) a costly luxury. Those, who believe that using mobile phone may cause brain cells destruction, probably speak of constant mobile communication. Even if these claims are true, which has never really been proved scientifically, the mobile technologies are constantly being improved. Nowadays there are new models of mobile phones that limit the irradiation levels and even more convenient hands-free devices and other gadgets. As for the cost of communication, the claims are really ridiculous, for how can anyone compare the minute’s price of communication with the value of attention and care one provides for his or her loved ones. And how can one determine a price of one a minute’s communication in outstanding situations, like a car accident miles away from civilization? The ability to communicate, when it is necessary and the opportunity to show you care from any point of the globe is truly priceless. Wireless communication is no doubt the technology of future, and one must realize that there is no thing more valuable than the freedom this technology provides. It improves the quality of life and provides more and more opportunities for quality communication from any place around the world.


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