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Bigfoot is a legendary humanoid creature that was supposedly seen in different forest or mountain areas of the Earth. Its existence is approved by many enthusiasts, but to date is not confirmed. It is believed that this relic hominid, that is a mammal, belonging to primates, extant since prehistoric times.

Currently, there is no representative species living in captivity, no skeleton, or skin. Nevertheless, there are supposedly hair, footprints and dozens of photos, video (poor quality) and audio recordings. The reliability of the evidence is in doubt. For a long time one of the most convincing evidences was considered a short film shot by Roger Patterson and Bob Gimlinin in Northern California in 1967. It shows an allegedly captured a Bigfoot female. However, in 2002, after the death of Ray Wallace, there were indications of his relatives and acquaintances telling (though without presenting any evidence) that the whole story of the “American Bigfoot” was falsified from the beginning to the end; widely known “Bigfoot traces” were man-made forms, and the filming was a staged episode with a actor in a specially tailored suit monkeys.

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Bigfoot have got his name thanks to a group of climbers who have conquered Everest. They discovered the loss of food stocks, and then heard a bloodcurdling scream, and saw footprints similar to human on one of the snow-covered slopes. Locals explained that this was the Yeti, abominable snowman, and flatly refused to camp in this place. Since then, the Europeans call the creature Bigfoot.

The indication about meeting Bigfoot is often featured creatures having a tighter physique different from that of modern man, the pointed shape of the skull, longer arms, neck and short length of the massive lower jaw, relatively short thighs, with thick hair all over its body – black, red, white, or gray color. His head hair was longer than the rest. Mustache and beard are very sparse and short. The creature is reported to be a good tree climber, excellent runner and swimmer. It can outrun a horse on two legs and outswim the boat. Omnivorous, it prefers vegetarian food, loves apples.

Eyewitnesses described the meeting with a creature of different sizes, from the average human to 3 m or more.

It has been suggested that the population of the snowy mountain people live in caves, forests and are building a nest in the branches of trees. Carl Linnaeus designated it as Homo troglodytes (man cave).

Most modern scholars are skeptical about the possibility of the existence of Bigfoot.

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