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Carl Gustav Jung was a doctor, psychiatrist, psychologist and Swiss essayist born July 26, 1875 in Kesswil, Thurgau, and died June 6, 1961 in Küsnacht, canton Zurich, in the German-speaking part of Switzerland.

Influential thinker, he was the author of numerous books on psychology and psychosociology written in German and translated into many other languages. He is the founder of the current analytical psychology. His work was first linked to psychoanalysis, created by Sigmund Freud, he was one of Freud’s first employees, but he broke up with him later for personal reasons, and because of theoretical differences.

Biography of Carl Gustav Jung is not fully known because he refused to write all his memories himself. His “official” biography was written largely by Aniela Jaffé, who Jung got entrusted to elements of his life in 1957, when he was 83 years old.

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This resulted in the book My Life. Memories, Dreams, Reflections (subtitled “collected by Aniela Jaffé,” published in German in 1961 under the title “Erinnerunge , Träume, Gedanken.”), and in which at least four chapters are written by Jung himself. This deeply personal work was therefore been accepted as his official autobiography by his close associates. It is famous by the first words with which Jung opens it: “My life is the story of an unconscious that has found its realization.” It is precisely because of his personal reasons that Jung did not want to include it in the list of his complete works.

Carl Gustav Jung was a pioneer of depth psychology emphasizing the relationship between the structure of the psyche (that is to say, the “soul ” in the Jungian vocabulary) and its productions and cultural events. He introduced his method of social science concepts drawn from the fields of knowledge as diverse as anthropology, chemistry, the study of dreams, mythology and religion, which enabled him to grasp the “reality of the soul.” If Jung was not the first to study dreams, his contributions in this area have been decisive.

A prolific writer, he mixes metapsychological thinking and practice about the analytic treatment. Jung has devoted his life to clinical practice and the development of psychological theories, but also explored other areas of the humanities: from the study of comparative religion, philosophy, and sociology to criticism art and literature. We owe him the concepts of “archetype,” “collective unconscious,” and “synchronicity.”

Founding father of the cultural psychology, he gathered around his works generations of therapists, analysts, and artists. Despite the controversy regarding his relations with the Nazi regime (his role as a secret agent of the Allies long remained unknown), Jung has profoundly influenced the social sciences in the twentieth century.

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