Research Paper on Dating Violence

The violence in dating relationships is defined as any intentional sexual, physical, or psychological violence of a partner against the other in a dating relationship with the aim to control or dominate person. A relationship with these characteristics often called dating violence.

Commonly these relationships tend to fall into vicious circles, which are really hard to leave, because the perpetrator tends to be repented of the act.

This is the reason that generally apologize loving behaves trying to fix the mistake, saying that will not happen again or that she provoked him and he (she) wanted this to happen. Usually after a reconciliation, there is a re-committing of the same violent act.

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The essence of any violence is a desire to humiliate the victim, because only in this way the aggressor can be “above” the victim. Violence (dating violence, in particular) is only a reflection of global trends.

The intensity of life, lack of spirituality, stress, social dislocation, loss of orientation and family values ??, increased alcoholism, in short, various types of frustration, largely forms the fertile ground for the emergence of violence.

Violence is not just the physical violence, as is commonly believed, but also more sophisticated forms of psychological impact. Sociological data on the prevalence of dating violence is, in fact, obviously underestimated, because the problem is rarely taken out of the couple.

There are several distinct forms of dating violence:

  1. physical violence is the deliberate infliction of physical injuries of varying severity, beatings, restrictions on eating and sleeping, involuntary involvement in alcohol and drug use, etc.;
  2. sexual violence is the deliberate manipulation of the human body as a sexual object, involvement in prostitution, pornography and the like;
  3. psychological abuse (behavioral, intellectual, or emotional violence) is the deliberate manipulation of the partner as an object, with disregard of his right for freedom, dignity, which leads to various disorders in psychological development;
  4. economic violence is the control over the financial and other resources of the partner, forced extortion, the ban on education and / or employment, intentional misappropriation of funds of the partner in order to create a tense atmosphere.

All of these forms of dating violence are destructive and result in loss of self-confidence in the victim and its environment, anxiety, sleep and appetite disturbances, depression, aggression, and low self-esteem, as well as in increased necessity for solitude, suicidal tendencies, and personality disorders of different etiologies: drug addiction, bulimia, anorexia, somatic and psychosomatic diseases: stomach ulcers, allergies, obesity, nervous tics.

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