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David Beckham was born in Leytonstone May 2, 1975. The basics of football, David began to learn the London club Layton. After playing for a couple of years in Layton, full of promise, the boy went to a football school of Tottenham, which successfully ended.

Eighth of July 1991, David signed a contract with one of the best English clubs – Manchester United first as an intern and year and a half later, January 23, 1993 Beckham signed a professional contract with the club. The first match for the Manchester United Beckham played September 23, 1992. He replaced Andrei Kanchelskis in the game on the Cup against Brighton.

In April 1995, David made ??his debut in the Premier League in the match with Leeds United. In that season, Manchester United won the double, winning the Premier League and FA Cup.

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In the 1996/1997 season, Beckham’s star lit for real. David took his place in the first team of the club, replacing the departed to Everton Andrei Kanchelskis. Beckham spent the season in one breath and in the polls he has been voted the best football player of the year. In the same season, David has led his team to the gold medal of the Premier League and the quarterfinals of Champions League.

In 1998, Beckham was included in the list of 22 players, who will travel to France for the World Cup. The tournament was a great emotional surge for Beckham. Once he was not involved in the first two games, he scored a fantastic free kick to Colombia team in the last match of the group stage for England and was named the national hero of the country.

However, the match against Argentina was lost, in many ways due to the unfortunate expulsion of Beckham (this was his expulsion first expulsion throughout his career), which has not left the British chance of getting the World Cup. David just did not cope with his nerves responding to Simeon’s provocation.

On his return to his homeland Beckham was recognized as the main culprit for the defeat, and the star became a pariah. He was heavily criticized. Many experts were inclined to believe that David’s football career in England came to an end, but Beckham had a different opinion… In the first match of the Premier League against Leicester David scored his trademark free kick, thereby bringing victory to Manchester United.

In March 1999, David became the father of a son named Brooklyn, the name was given in honor of the place where the child was conceived. In July 1999, David married Victoria Adams, a member of the pop group Spice Girls. They say he was struck by the fact that she did not ask him for an autograph.

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