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Death and dying are a concept describing the state of a biological organism, which has ceased to live, and the process, which leads to this state. This state is characterized by a definite break in the consistency of vital processes (nutrition, breathing, etc.) necessary for homeostatic maintenance of the organism, what distinguishes the death of a temporary alteration as in the case of hibernation or some types of freezing.

A legal definition describes death as a state when body begins to decompose. Medically, some states inevitably lead to death, even though the body’s cells continue to live. This is the case of brain death.

However, a minority of people undergoing brain dead are not dead. Considering they were near death experience.

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At the cellular level, death means the cessation of the basic functions of a cell. In multicellular communities, this may be accidental death (necrosis), controlled, or programmed (apoptosis).

However, there are sometimes disorders that challenge such death regulations: the cell is then said to be immortal because it can be split into daughter cells an unlimited number of times. Unicellular organisms that reproduce themselves by fission are immortal in principle, although after marking it appears that these cells are also aging, which alters their homeostatic and reproductive capacities.

In multicellular organisms, sexual cells, called germ, are potentially immortal, unlike their somatic cells, which irretrievably end up dying under the influence of external pathogenic factors, or because of the phenomenon of aging. Somatic envelope then form what is called a corpse, which then decomposes under the action of oxidation, bacteria, various scavengers and detritivore organisms contributing to the recycling of organic and mineral matter.

At the organizational level, death can be seen as the end of life as opposed to the birth, or as the absence of life. In the first case, the fact that the heart may stop beating for a while before being revived, poses the question of the boundary or transition between life and death. Faced with this issue, the World Organization for Animal Health considers death as “irreversible loss of brain’s activity indicated by the loss of brain stem reflexes.” It adopts, therefore, a definition of death as brain death, as distinct from a simple cardiac arrest, which is a circulatory condition called “clinical death.”

For students, who are trying to prepare their research proposal, it may be interesting that at a broader, historical, and biological spatiotemporal scale, if the individual is gone as a single entity at the time of death, a part of his genetic heritage persists in its progeny (if it exists) and in the life of the species and ecosystems, which consumes its organic while evolving.

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