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Gary Paulsen (born May 17 1939 in Minneapolis, Minnesota) is an American writer who is now lives in New Mexico.

Gary Paulsen was born in 1939 and spent his early childhood with his grandmother in northern Minnesota. As a teenager Gary Paulsen was interested in writing. To escape the cold Minnesota winters, he went to read regularly to the library. The reading also helped him at the same time to cope with his difficult family situation, as both his parents were alcoholics.

University and college students, who re about to write their research paper on the topic, have to know that originally Gary Paulsen was an electrical engineer in the military until he decided one night to become a writer. Having never written anything, he began to improve his writing skills initially by correction magazines. In 1966 his first book was published.

After eleven months he published his first short story and wrote several unheeded books until he published the story of an Eskimo boy on a dog-headed sled. His book Dogsong won the Newbery Award, the most prestigious children’s literature prize of the United States.

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Thereafter Paulsen was successful in everything else: he became a famous and successful author. Dodsong was followed by two other Newbery Awards, one of which he received for Alone in the Wilderness, with its sequel Return to the wild at CARLSEN. Gary Paulsen’s books, translated into 18 languages, have a firmly established readership.

In 1983 and 1985, Gary Paulsen participated in the longest dog sled race in the world, the Iditarod, part and recorded his experiences in a 1994 book, so the race became known internationally. The book served as a template for the 2001 Disney feature film Snow Dogs.

He lives with his wife, Ruth Wright Paulsen in New Mexico and has a son with her ??named James Paulsen.

Gary Paulsen is very popular author these days. He has written more than 200 books, many short stories, and some pieces that are all primarily for young people. For his books Gary Paulsen several times got the Newbery Medal, which is the most prestigious children’s literature prize in the United States.

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