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Gas is one of the most expensive products nowadays, because the prices on oil have risen extremely high. Oil is the most valuable natural resource, which is used in various spheres of human life. Oil is a universal resource and it is used in industry, technology and even medicine. But the most common function of oil is its use as a kind of fuel. Today automobiles all over the world work only due to gas. Years ago gas was not so expensive, because the number of cars was much lower. Corporations produced powerful cars which demanded much fuel and nobody cared. But not so long ago the first oil crisis stressed the world. The prices on oil and as a result on gas started to rise rapidly and it influenced the world greatly. The most harmful impact was on the machine industry. Automobile corporations had to reorganize their production and manufacture only economical cars, which demanded less fuel than before. It can be called a positive thing, because the humanity was made to use natural resources wisely.

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Today the prices on gas are becoming higher and higher and it is obvious that the humanity will have to think about other types of fuel for their vehicles, like sun energy and electricity. Unfortunately, these technologies exist only like concepts but in quite a short period of time people will not have another choice than to use alternative kinds of energy and fuel.

Gas prices is the most urgent problem for people today, because they are dissatisfied that they have to pay more and more to run their vehicles. A student who has to prepare a research paper will need to learn about the problem a lot. He will have to research the value of oil for the humanity, its advantages and disadvantages; then, devote time to the investigation of the questions connected with gas. Gas being the product of oil is very harmful for the environment, that is why its price and danger for the ecology provokes people look for the alternative fuel. A student should think over why the prices on gas rise do fast and what the consequences of the further rise will be.

One should analyze the problem from all sides from its roots to understand the cause and effect of the problem, draw smart conclusions and offer solutions to the existing problem.

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