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Harry Potter is a popular series of novels by English author JK Rowling. It portrays the adventures of the principal character Harry James Potter, a student of the British magician boarding Hogwarts, and his conflict with the evil wizard Lord Voldemort and his acolytes, known as Death Eaters. Each of the seven books retells a year from the school life of Harry Potter, starting from just before his eleventh birthday. Volume 1 was released in 1997; Volume 7 was published on 21 July 2007 in England.

The story is told with using a number of many different literary genres. Apart from the clear classification as fantasy literature, the Heptalogie presents of a novel development or Bildungsroman in it and is usually classified as youth literature, although among the readers there are also many adults.

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Eight movies based on the novel had been overwhelmingly successful (the final volume has been divided into two parts with eight months between their releases). Moreover, the series was franchised in various video games and many other commercial products.

Since the release of the first volume of the series in 1997, Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone, the books have gained great popularity, had a commercial success, and was critically acclaimed.

By June 2008, more than 400 million copies of the series had been sold and translated into nearly 70 languages.

For students, who write their research paper on Harry Potter is very important to understand that nowadays a successful film is rarely just a film – studios hope their productions will spawn lucrative spin-offs in the form of toys, games, books, DVDs, and, of course, sequels. Such film series are known as franchises, borrowing and extending the term used for a proven business model licensed for use by others, such as fast-food restaurants. The Oxford English Corpus shows that franchise is increasingly used in the cinematic sense, with common collocates representing familiar Hollywood brands such as James Bond, Star Trek, Batman, and Harry Potter. A hint of cynicism is creeping in, however, with the sense that franchises are often little more than manufactured moneymaking schemes: a greedy franchise that does not care to develop its characters beyond their punchlines he managed to milk the franchise on screen for nearly a decade.

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