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iPad is a brand for a series of tablet computers from Apple Inc. Stated as an intermediate option between laptops MacBook and Portable Media Player iPod Touch, capable of performing certain operations associated with watching videos, listening to music, reading e-books, as well as to be used for the Internet surfing, better than both of the above devices. iPad uses the same operating system as the iPhone and iPod Touch. It is controlled via Multi-touch screen, not like the previous tablet computers, which used a pen, but with finger. It has Internet connectivity using Wi-Fi or 3G. With USB cable, iPad can be synced with PC or Mac via iTunes software, as well as iPhone.

iPad was presented January 27, 2010 at the Apple press conference in San Francisco. First iPad was sold in the United States, then in Australia, Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, Spain, Switzerland and the UK. In Austria, Belgium, Hong Kong, Ireland, Luxembourg, Mexico, Netherlands, New Zealand and Singapore Apple iPad sell was launched in July 2010.

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According to Steve Jobs, on the first day of selling, about 300,000 iPads were sold, 250,000 books and about 1 million applications were downloaded. The significant milestone of one million tablets sold was achieved, according to the head of the company, for 28 days – a period of more than twice shorter then that for iPhone (74 days).

Among the main problems encountered by iPad users in the first days after the start of selling were troubles with WiFi-connection. In their complaints, posted on the Apple website, they noted gaps in the connection after waking up the device from sleep, weak tablet reception signal, or just the inability to connect to the network, while other devices, including the iPhone, exhibited stable connection under the same conditions.

Another problem faced by the users of iPad was the device overheating when exposed to direct sunlight, when the tablet stopped functioning displaying a message requesting to cool the device before proceeding. It should be noted that the temperature range of iPad’s operating conditions extends from 0 to 35 degrees Celsius.

Among other disadvantages was the lack of USB-ports for external accessories and the lack of a webcam in the first version of the iPad, making it impossible to use FaceTime video chat technology after upgrading to version 4.0. Although the bundle accessory iPad Camera Connection Kit with programs like iFile from Cydia for iPad, allows users to easily connect a USB storage device or keyboard.

Use free sample research paper topics on iPad to understand that not every user appreciated the necessity to have iTunes on the device to share files. Copying the files from external is possible media via special adapter. Wireless transmission of files can be available only after installing special software on both iPad and sending / receiving device.

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