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Karl Marx Geenrih (German Karl Heinrich Marx; May 5, 1818, Trier, Prussia – March 14, 1883, London, UK) – famous German philosopher, economist, political journalist. His scientific works and publications formed the philosophy of dialectical and historical materialism, in the economy – the theory of surplus value, in politics – the theory of the class struggle. These were the basis of the communist and socialist movement called Marxism.

Karl Marx was born in Trier (Germany), the son of a lawyer. In 1835-41, he studied law at Bonn, later at the University of Berlin. In 1842, he became an editor of the democratic Rheinische Zeitung. In 1843, he moved to Paris, where he met with representatives of socialist and democratic movement.

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In 1844, Marx made friends Friedrich Engels. In 1845, Marx moved to Brussels. During the revolutionary events in Europe 1848-49, Karl Marx actively participated in the international organization League of Communists and together with Engels wrote The Communist Manifesto (1848). In June 1848 – May 1849, Marx and Engels published in Cologne New Rheinische Zeitung. After the defeat of the revolution, Marx went to Paris, and in August 1849 he moved to London, where he lived until his death. Karl Marx died on March 14, 1883 at the age of 64 years.

College students, who are trying to their research paper on Karl Marx, have to remember that, in the mid 40’s, Marx went over from idealism and revolutionary democracy to materialism and communism. It is also important that he developed the principles of the historical materialism, the theory of surplus value, explored the development of capitalism and the proposed location of the inevitability of its death and the transition to communism as a result of the proletarian revolution. In addition to that, the investigators should also mention that Marx’s ideas had a significant impact on social thought and social history at the end of 19-20c. In his later years, Marx participated actively in the formation of proletarian parties.

To write a first-rate research paper on Karl Marx, you have to not only thoroughly analyze Marx’s biography, but also study his works and theories even if in perfunctory manner. You must process all the information you can get from reliable sources and extract the most valuable pieces to compose the core of you research proposal on Karl Marx. Then, it is time to outline the thesis statement of your work, to bring up persuasive arguments, and draw the logical conclusion. After that, you will have to present your own ideas to prove your understanding of the topic. To learn how to do that you might need make use of free example research papers on Karl Marx. You will surely find lots of them on the Web.

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