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The Ku Klux Klan (abbreviated KKK or the Klan), originated in 24 December 1865, is a North-American Protestant organization, which declared white supremacy, white nationalism and anti-immigration. Classified in the extreme right of the political spectrum, KKK has never been a political party, but an advocacy or lobbying the positions and bigotry of traditionalists and xenophobic moods of certain white Protestants, White Anglo-Saxon Protestant (WASP) in a form of ethno-religious community.

In the twenty-first century, it was mostly a cluster of organizations formal and structured to a certain extent, sometimes open and sometime secret, often rival to each other. Today it is more remains a strong symbol than a real power.

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The Ku Klux Klan meticulously advocates the superiority of the white race over the other races: Afro American (descendants of former slaves), Asian (immigrant Chinese and Japanese), Hispanics (Mexicans, Cubans, Puerto Ricans and other peoples from to Latin America), and generally Anti-Semitism, Anti-Catholicism (mostly aimed, at least originally, the Catholic immigrants: Poles, Italians, Irish and French), Anti-Orthodoxy (aimed at the Levantine and Eastern Europeans such as Greeks, Romanians, Yugoslavs, Russians or Ukrainians), Anti-Communism and Homophobia. It is primarily conservative and xenophobic. To a large extent, it is also very anti-centralist (very aggressive to what it considers as the incursion of the federal government on the privileges of States) and rather autarkic foreign policy.

The students writing their research paper on the Ku Klux Klan should start their investigation by studying the history of the movement, which was originally derived from the defeat and occupation of the eleven secessionist states by the Union in 1860-1861 and members of the Confederate States of America (CSA), the territory called by federal troops Dixieland and that of impulsive retort of the most bustling members of the populace to the excesses committed by them and particularly by their confederates.

It is very important to indicate in your research projects that KKK was restored much later during the First World War, however that time as an authorized and cultural union susceptible to all WASP, North, and South, passionate to guard the values they consider basic as the White Nation American. The second Ku Klux Klan disappears officially in 1944.

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