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The term Personal Learning Environment is not clearly defined, but can be understood as a concept of the individual design of own learning environment. The most important aspect is that the learner has this area under his control and his learning and working environment customized to develop and share knowledge with others.

The term Personal Learning Environment created in early 2000 as part of the discussion on Virtual Learning Environment (short VLE), implies an approach in which traditional structures, roles and processes of formal education are simulated in a virtual learning environment (e.g., earlier forms of learning management systems short LMS). In contrast to the Virtual Learning Environment approach, the Personal Learning Environment refers to an approach to a higher educational and technical innovation, especially using modern digital media.

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Lifelong learning as a concept, the ability to possess or acquire knowledge, which allows to continue person’s self-education on the lifelong basis, is the main motivation for research on PLEs. Driven by a (computer) society that is becoming faster, and in which product cycles are getting shorter, you have to be able to learn faster new problem-oriented domains and to acquire knowledge. This learning process is accompanied by other but also demands some skills and a special software. The person must be able to shape his own learning environment. The software should be able to support learner in his attempt to find appropriate information and to make his own knowledge available to share with others and allow reflection on Written or Reported to support learning. Due to the fact that the learning situations are particularly diverse, because they arise in very different contexts (e.g., (project) work, hobbies, etc.) PLE should be a in a position to offer the learners a flexible environment that would met his requirements.

As the study shows, the professional education is about up to 70 % of the informal learning. However, it was shown in the development and research around PLEs that the already existing informal training must be supported. The aim is both to give the learner the opportunity to make collected programs and services available and to support the other with the composition of his learning. Technically, this may include links between the created tools and databases provided so that a persistence of confluent knowledge artifacts can be guaranteed.

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