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The local food or local food movement is a movement advocating the consumption of food produced within a radius of 100 to maximum 250 km around your home. The definition of the local or regional is flexible and differs from person to person. For example, a cheese business and a farm differ in the concept as long as the cheese is easily transportable to the whole region, while perishable farm products may be only consider the run of a day’s journey, which is what you can go without food deteriorate, even when a day’s journey in the mountains a few miles it means.

A locavore is a person who adheres to local food.

For writing a decent research paper on the topic you must know that local food system is an alternative to the global corporate models where producers and consumers are separated by a chain of processors / manufacturers, brokers and speculators. With the increasing scale of industrial food systems, the quality control is more in the hands of intermediaries, while local food movement redeveloped these relationships and retracts the control quality to the consumer and producer.

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The development of local food systems not only has environmental benefits (see concept of Food miles), but also has social and economic benefits through improved local social relations and produce locally implemented accountability. The distance reduces accountability.

The local food movement encourages “consumers” to buy fresh and seasonal products to buy on the market and / or farmers or peasants premises (in AMAP, distribution points 3 or pickings for example) to choose their own food, arguing the quality of fresh, local produce, the taste is better than industrial products.

This movement is intended as an act friendly to the environment by maintaining the diversity of landscapes, of ecosystems by avoiding the monocultures (indeed, it is for example difficult to source meat, vegetables and fruits among monoculture cereal regions).

Also, shipping food over long distances often requires more fossil energy in the form of:

  • pesticides or pesticides accompanying cropping patterns using “modern” conventional plant with a fruiting “transportability” high (fruit firmness)
  • fuel for transport
  • plastic and polystyrene for the overpack
  • industry production train, ship, bus

This movement also seeks by the act social stability by maintaining harmonious populations on territories.

June 7, 2012, France 5 has broadcast a reality show where participants learned to become locavores for the period of 30 days.

The term “local food” was coined by Jessica Prentice of San Francisco in 2005 on the occasion of the World Environment Day, which offered local residents to try to eat only locally food grown or produced in the within a radius of 160 km.

The New Oxford American Dictionary defined a ” locavore” as a person who is looking for local food products. “Locavore” was the word of the year in 2007.

The local food movement is not unanimous and some people denounced it as an “anti-globalization idiocy.” They highlight the fact that the current industrial agriculture is not well suited for local consumption and food distribution on a large scale is less polluting than multiple local distribution systems.

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