Research Paper on Lowering the Drinking Age

In the United State, you may drink starting from twenty-one. Despite a few exceptions, this age is common for all fifty US states. These exceptions are different in nature and vary from state to state. The most common is consumption for medical necessity, consumption at home or under adult supervision.

However, lately there has been an intense dispute on lowering the drinking age.

Public opinion was divided and at the moment we have two opposing camps, defending their point of view. Proponents of reducing the minimum age explain their position by the fact that existing restriction on the use of alcoholic beverages by persons under 21 years-old is an ineffective way to deal with teenage alcoholism and rather harmful, because teenagers alcohol drinking becomes hidden and difficult to control, in turn it leads to abuse and, as a consequence, to situations where there is a threat to the health or life of a teenager.

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The opponents of the change drinking age limit state that young people, who have not attained the age of majority may not have sufficient responsibility for their decisions and thus may cause significant harm to themselves, their health or others, drinking alcohol before 21.

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