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gadget is a modern device that contains the considerable proportion of entertaining functions/it is intended for entertainment and, as a rule, has compact dimensions.

Modern gadgets include smartphones, musical players, various portable gaming consoles, etc.

The most veracious version of the word gadget origin refers to the French word gâche (clamp, collar) and its diminutive form gâchette (bracket, collar). Originally gâche meant a clasp (apparently, as with peg) and derived from Nitherl. gesp, gespe (buckle, clamp) characterizing the capability of fastening the devices.

If you study some free sample research papers on modern gadgets you will understand that an important feature of the modern gadgets is their portability: the weight of a typical gadget does not exceed 300 grams, and their dimensions allow the owner to put them in the pockets.

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In broader sense, modern gadgets are small electronic devices that penetrated in almost all spheres of our life during the last few years. They hear, see, sing, tell and do the heap of other little things without which we cannot live anymore.

Most of the modern gadget more or less originated from computing and nano technologies: electronic components became compact, miniature data storage devices and new types of communicators came into existence and the process goes on. A stationary tape recorder grew first into a cassette player, and then into a MP3 player with a flash drive. A video recorder became a multimedia player. Large computing machines were presented as a whole new pleiad of new small relatives: notebooks, net-books, tablets and pocket PCs.

As already mentioned, most of gadgets perched near a computer. Beginning from the mug, connected via USB-port and warming tea for the owner and ending up with fascinating imagination video-glasses imitating 100-inch display using 3d technology. Pens-dictaphones, glasses with built-in video camera, smart-watches… they suite every demand and purse.

Perhaps, the peak of the gadgets development today is communicators. These are very useful and very compact devices allowing the owner to read a document anytime and anywhere, to listen to music at your demand, to browse your favorite sites on the Internet – simpler than simple. To call, shoot video, take a shot and share it with your friends; watch a movie, buy a ticket, and play online, all this and even more in such a compact device. It is a real center of entertainment and communication in your pocket.

However, their great universality (an obvious advantage, at the first look) interferes with the usability and thus the mass distribution. It is not enough to have a great deal of functions, it is necessary to correctly give it to the user. Not everybody is an IT expert and many can be stupefy by the quantity of sub-menus and icons.

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