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Ethical or moral values ??are what the ancient Greeks called the ethical virtues. Ancient sages of the main virtues considered prudence, benevolence, courage, and justice. In Judaism, Christianity, and Islam, the highest moral values ??associated with faith in God and his zealous veneration. As moral values ??among all peoples, honesty, loyalty, respect for elders, hard work, and patriotism have always been revered. Although an average man do not always exhibit these qualities, they are highly valued by people, and those who possess them, are respected. These values ??are to be submitted in their immaculate, absolutely full and perfect expression, act as ethical ideals.

??College students writing their research paper on moral values have to understand that moral regulatives are the rules of conduct based on moral values. Moral regulatives or ethical behavior commandments are diverse.

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Each individual chooses (consciously or unconsciously) in the space of culture those that are most suitable for him. Among them, there may be those, which are not approved by others. However, each more or less stable culture has a certain system of universally recognized moral regulatives, which were traditionally considered binding on all. Such norms are moral regulatives.

The Old Testament lists 10 such rules – the commandments of God written on the tablets, which were given by God to the prophet Moses, when he ascended Mount Sinai (Thou shalt not kill, Thou shalt not steal, Thou shalt not commit adultery, etc.). Christian standards of behavior are seven commandments which Jesus Christ announced in his Sermon: Resist not evil; One who asks you, and let him that would borrow of thee turn not thou away from; Love your enemies, bless them that curse you, do good to them that hate you, and pray for those who persecute you, etc.

Formation of morality occurred in the historical development of human society as a whole, as a nation, population, large or small settlements. Moral values were determined by the ideas of ethnic survival, an attempt to create mutual tolerance and, if possible, mutual respect.

The most universal moral values ??esteemed to be respect to age, honoring one’s parents, parent sacrifice towards their children, care for the sick. The listed postulates promote procreation, and therefore are fundamental. Failure to follow these moral principles is condemned by society and sometimes severely punished.

Also common in almost all the nations are moral principles affecting issues of building and organization of family and relationships. Family hierarchy, division of responsibilities were established so that almost in all peoples, the woman, the mother was homemaker. Man was a defender and an earner for the family.

Moreover, woman was the personification of the family purity, honor, and conscience. Great importance was given to virginity.

The question of bride’s integrity was not a matter of personal relationships. This aspect of high morality, premarital purity of the future mother of the family was publicly controlled.

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