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Natural language processing is a combinatory discipline, which combines linguistics, computer science, and artificial intelligence in attempt to create an interactive system between human being and computer.

All known human societies practice at least one language. Currently there are about 5000 different languages, many of which are endangered for lack of speakers. While vocabulary acquisition continues throughout life, any normal human being inserted in a social group is capable, at the age of 5 years (long before he mastered the “reasoning”), to hold a conversation in their native language. No monkey and no computer can do the same. At the moment, talking is still a human prerogative.

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To describe human languages, we use a term “natural language,” because they all are somehow spontaneous collective creations to which you cannot assign a precise date of birth. Natural languages are opposed primarily to “artificial languages” or “formal languages” including computer programming languages ??or mathematical logic. We may well also rank constructed international auxiliary languages such as Esperanto or Volap√ľk among the “natural language,” which are not native languages of a certain people, or some “sign languages” invented specifically to meet a special need: all they are intended for humans to communicate.

Behind the apparent diversity of human languages, linguists are trying to track down common functions and universal structure. Linguists are not necessarily polyglots; they seek more to understand the principles that govern language to multiply the knowledge they have of some of them. Contrary to popular opinion, the language is not prescriptive: it does not say how to speak or to write well. Natural languages ??are living systems that change, interact, and evolve. Linguists are content to watch as they speak and write without trying to control or limit their natural evolution.

For this study, computer science plays a very significant role through the discipline of natural language processing. This discipline implies automatic processing of information. It is in fact the heir to a long tradition of mathematical and logical modeling calculation. Students, who are writing their research proposals on natural language processing should also take into consideration the fact that mastering a language requires extensive data manipulation, and the implementation of many treatments, so there is still a long way to go.

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