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Obamacare is an informal name for Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, a federal law in the United States, which was signed by President Obama on March 23 2010, as part of a health care reform in the United States.

It was nearly a century that Congress was debating the issue of health care. Republican President Theodore Roosevelt spoke of this in his program, but was defeated in the 1912 presidential election by Democratic candidate Woodrow Wilson.

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In 1965, Democratic President Lyndon Johnson had enacted the Medicare and Medicaid, insurance for the elderly and the poor, respectively, after rallying to him half the votes Republican Congress. Democratic President Bill Clinton himself also tried to pass an ambitious project in 1993, but failed.

This was one of the key measures of the Barack Obama election program in 2008, in which he promised the implementation of a major reform of the health system for the creation, at the federal level, a “universal health insurance,” without imposing mandatory health coverage with the exception of children.

The law’s purpose is that all American citizens should be entitled to health care through health insurance. The law has been massively criticized, particularly for the fact that people were forced to buy the health insurance for the future benefits that will only come into effect in 2014. Critics believe it is an invasion of an individual’s freedom to choose, and argue therefore that this act is illegal and can be considered as contrary to the U.S. Constitution. However, in June 2012 U.S. Supreme Court ruled that the law is consistent with the Constitution.

The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, which has been informally named Obamacare, has caused a storm of protest and wave of indignation in the United States. It was believed to have violated the constitutional rights of the American people. The law has been called unconstitutional. But was it really? That is the question, which should answer the students who choose to devote their research paper to the reform of the American health care system. But to obtain such an understanding, students need to realize who were in the rival camps of supporters and opponents of the Obama’s healthcare plan.

To find out the caused that encouraged Obama to such measures, students should carefully review the United States healthcare system history. The Obama’s presidential election campaign 2008 will surely be very interesting for the students who study Obamacare matter. However, in order to present in their research proposals all successfully obtained in this study facts, first-time investigators should read a few free example research projects on different Obamacare topics. The students will find there everything they need for making a first-grade college research paper on the subject.

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