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Radar (acronym from the word Radio Detection and Ranging but also palindrome that “reflects” the radar mode of action) means detection and distance determination by radio waves. It was the U.S. Navy who coined the acronym radar in 1942 and the radar “homeland” was used in England for radio location or RDF – Range and Direction Finding. The Germans used the word Funk Mess.

Those college students who are about to write their research paper on the topic have to understand that radar uses the short wave radio waves, that is, electromagnetic radiation, to identify distance, height and possible direction for different objects. A signal is sent out, reflected and detected by the sender. Radar now has an extensive both civilian and military use.

German engineer Christian Hülsmeyer was the first who patented radar-like design already in 1904th He designed it primarily to prevent collisions in reduced visibility.

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The beginning of the modern, and still very effective, technology was in 1935, when Robert Watson-Watt, the Scottish physicist constructed a facility where electromagnetic radio waves reflected from solid objects and created an echo that was imaged on a monitor. The military took advantage of the discovery and conducted in secret development work to improve the efficiency of the device. They built expeditiously up a chain of radar stations along the south coast of England, Chain Home Radar. The first primitive radars worked with frequencies in the short wave at 20 – 30 megahertz.

Today radar is given a wide range of applications in addition to the use of monitoring the airspace and maritime traffic. All major vessels currently has its own shipborne radar and the same applies to aircrafts. Also in meteorology the use of weather radar is a very important tool.

They are currently working on NASA to develop a radar installation to be able to detect objects outside the solar system. This is the extreme long-range radars, which require extremely powerful transmitters and highly sensitive receiver. The choice of operating frequency is a very controversial issue with so-called lobbying within the International Telecommunications Union (ITU). On the one hand, the frequency should technically suitable for the purpose, and on the other hand, other radio services are not disrupted.

At the other extreme there is the collision warning, which can work with short range and moderately sensitive receivers. automotive industry has for several years been experimenting with building the radar in order to increase safety through automatic braking in queues. A variant is a device that alerts the driver to objects in the way when reversing vehicles. The range is only few meters. In contrast with the galactic radar becomes this question of mass production with demand for low prices on the finished product.

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