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School prayer is a prayer that is usually introduced by the state in public schools and is mandatory. Type of the prayer is chosen differently by each country, according to their understanding of religious practice within the state.

In the U.S., the school prayer issue is the subject of dispute. There are many different opinions and approaches to address this issue. Some regret that prayer and Bible reading is prohibited in schools, stating that the decision of the Supreme Court of “kicked God out of schools.” Others say that it is very good that their kids do not have to read the Bible in school and that the school is for learning and not a place for prayer.

However, for the opponents of prayer, as well as for the supporters, it will be useful to know how prayer and Bible reading were included in the school curriculum and how and who made ??sure that these things were excluded.

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Daily Bible reading and prayer (10 verses of Scripture and “Our Father”) were introduced in public schools in the U.S. together with the system of public education about two hundred years ago. In other words, prayer and Scripture reading were not something that was something unnatural, introduced later for the education system. It was originally part of the constructed system. Just as the Constitution and the founding fathers of many acts contain reference to God. And in this connection, and following common sense, to argue that prayer in schools is unconstitutional, is about the same as to assert that the Constitution is unconstitutional, because there is an appeal to God in it.

Who dared to argue that the Constitution is unconstitutional and prayer in schools is outside the law? It was Madeleine Murray O’Hair, who applied the U.S. Supreme Court on the unconstitutionality of school prayer and Bible reading in public schools. “The most hated woman in America” is a title of series of articles and a book about her life.

Madeleine’s story starts with the fact that someday she came out in the field during a storm and began to curse God, demanding that He would hit her with lightning. In her blasphemy that night Madeleine surpassed even Nietzsche. However, nothing happened and Madeleine returned home safe and sound with the words “I’ve beaten the God.” Thus began her more than thirty years of activity of the main atheist of America. Blasphemy, an offense against God, and the Church of the Christ in a particularly sophisticated form relished the media and Madeleine quickly achieved broadcast on national television channels.

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