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Tata Nano is a city automobile created by Tata Motors. The model was unveiled on 10 January 2008 at the 9th Auto Expo in New Delhi Expo, India. One of the first models of the Nano was an attempt to respond appropriately to the needs of the local market by producing a car affordable to the general public. The second step of Tata Motors was the objective to expand into the international market, especially in countries like China, with a car that would have the qualities of its rivals at an unbeatable price.

Tata Nano series (no heating or air conditioning, no radio, no power steering) was presented as the new car with the most modest price in the world – 100 000 INR (without tax), approximately € 1,560 or U.S. $ 2000.

Currently, the car has a four speed gearbox and soon will be equipped with an optional CVT.

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The author of the Nano concept is an Indian industrialist Ratan Tata. Observing the two-wheeler that circulate in the streets of Kolkata, carrying up to four people, a whole family, Ratan wondered how to reconcile security requirements with the financial possibilities of these families. So, Ratan Tata started to think of a model that combines the lightness and the price of a scooter with the stability of a four-wheeler, but failed to interest the Association of auto parts manufacturers, the ACMA (Automotive Component Manufacturers’ Association) with the idea. In 1998, Chrysler tested a prototype, Chrysler CCV for the emerging markets, which used new synthetic, lighter materials, but was not marketed. In India, Maruti 800, released in 1984, had become one of the most popular cars in the domestic market, giving Indian manufacturers an idea of ??what consumers expected.

The concept of the Nano was focused on three objectives: to guarantee the safety of passengers, to keep the price affordable to the general public, to find out a formula that would ensure the popularity of vehicle.

Students, writing their research proposals on Tata Nano, must mention that Motors entered into cooperation with Bosch to develop an engine that would be both powerful, but simpler than the cars that were then marketed have. Number of the wiper was reduced to one. The size of the wheels was reduced: lighter, cheaper wheels, due to reduced tire, eliminated the need for the power steering; the back wheels were slightly wider than the front wheels to ensure a proper adherence in virages. The metal body was to combine lightness for the cost and rigidity for the security. To increase the space in the cockpit, engineers installed the engine in the rear – it could be accessed by pushing aside the passengers seats.

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