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The starting point of the Toyota Motor Company formation is traditionally considered 1935. That year the Company released its first car.

Yet the story of the largest in the present Japanese automaker began much earlier, when it started to produce silk and weaving machines in 1885. The father of the future company founder emboldened his son – Kiichiro Toyoda – to create a car plant. At the behest of his father at age 36 in 1931, Kiichiro decided to collect in the walls of his father’s textile factory his first car, a compact sedan (the first Ford’s models were used as a prototype for its design).The car was far from perfection, but the ice has been broken.

September 1936 was marked by receiving a license Ministry of War of Japan in accordance with the applicable at the time of the legislation in the country. In wartime, “Toyota Motor” engaged in production of trucks. With the end of the First World War, the development of the car production has not stopped. In 1947, Japan lifted the ban on the metal and technology import. Immediately after that, there has been burst in the auto industry development.

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It is worth mentioning that the first postwar five-year period was very difficult for the Toyota Motor Company. In 1948, the company was on the verge of bankruptcy. Kiichiro Toyoda – the father of the Company – had to leave the board of directors of the company in 1950. Then most of the company’s attempts to release something worth were not of a much success.

However, 1951 was the year, when big success finally came to Toyota Motor. That time the first model of Land Cruiser was designed and produced. The novelty of that car was the decision to equip this small passenger car with a powerful diesel engine. It is only in 1953, this model line received a gasoline engine car.

In 1962, the Company had its first official dealer in the United States of America (the city of San Francisco). Thus, Japanese cars went on the global car market. The first attempt to expand the “Toyota” on the foreign market was not too successful. Japanese models have not attracted much attention of Americans. However, in 1967, the name of the Japanese manufacturer became famous after the release of the Crown, which was third-generation model of the Century superclass, on the American car market. In fact, from that moment began a triumphant procession of the Toyota Motor Company, which continues to this day.

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