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UV spectroscopy is a section of spectroscopy dealing with the study and use of emission, absorption, and reflection in the UV spectral range from 400 nm to 10 nm. In the study of the spectral range of 400-200 nm devices are used built on the same optical scheme as those for studying the visible range of the spectrum, the difference is only in the glass prisms, lenses, and other optical components. When measuring the intensity of UV emission, as a reference is used source in the UV region of the spectrum with known distribution of the spectral brightness (band tungsten lamp, coal arc, and synchrotron radiation). A thermocouple and graded solar cells are standard receivers in this region of the spectrum.

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UV spectroscopy is used in the study of atoms, ions, molecules, and solids to identify their energy levels, transition probabilities, and other characteristics. In the UV region of the spectrum, there are resonance lines of neutral, mono, and doubly ionized atoms, as well as spectral lines emitted by highly excited atoms. Electronic-vibrational-rotational bands of molecules are mainly located in and near UV region of the spectrum. The absorption bands in the spectra of most semiconductors arising from direct transitions from the valence band to the conduction band are also concentrated in this rang of spectrum. Many chemical compounds give strong absorption band in the UV region, which creates advantages using ultraviolet spectroscopy in the spectral analysis. It has great significance in the extra-atmospheric astrophysics for the study of the Sun, stars, and nebulae.

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