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In early November 2001, Boston, USA hosted an international forum dedicated to a new concept of X Internet. It includes three key speeches: Microsoft President, Sun Labs Director and President of Curl (former president of IBM Instruments). The discussion will be a new scenario language Curl, to which experts predict a great future.

The basic of the Curl technology is completely transparent idea to dramatically reduce the load on the Internet by switching from the data to commands transmission. This is somewhat reminiscent of the Java conception with the fundamental difference that now for the exchange of information there is a scripting language, and not specific protocols implemented in a universal language.

To write research paper on x internet you should know that the Curl technology is very consonant to the new X Internet concept, which was proposed at the end of 2000, by George Colony, the Chairman of the Board of Directors of the analytical company Forrester Research.

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X Internet stands for eXecutable Internet, involving the replacement of passive surfing of the Web- pages by active communication. This leads to an intensification of the network services. Data will be increasingly replaced by scripts, and therefore there will necessarily be change in ratio between Web-servers and browsers. The peer-to-peer scheme will receive increasing development. In a sense it is in conflict with other concept – Internet of the new generation (Next Generation Internet), launched by the Microsoft Corporation in 2000, gist of it is to move from separate sites and devices connected to the Internet, to a complex of computers, devices, and services that work in synergy to achieve better quality integrated solutions. The Microsoft .NET platform is an implementation of the concept. Needless to say the direct confrontation between these two points of view, the Forrester and Microsoft concepts will rather mutually evolve reacting to changes in the situation.

The Curl Company is positioning the new technology for four markets: home financial, e-business, information product management, and the entertainment industry. Currently the company has two major clients: Siemens and British Telecom, but first wave caused an avalanche of publications of interest to the technology, so that the number of customers will invariably increase.

The Curl technology is embodied in the three pillars: the eponymous scripting language, connected to a Surge module (to extend functionality to the browser) and Surge Lab instrumental environment. Surge module is so far available only for Windows (Windows XP, Windows 9x/Me, Windows NT/2000). In preparation, there are versions for Mac OS X and Linux.

In the context of the Curl technology the parsing of compact code, transmitted by the server through the communication channels, must be kept on the client side. For this purpose, browsers have to be more intelligent. Java technology failed this task. So why should not the Curl technology? The language authors believe that a scripting language is better suited for this purpose, rather than the traditional language.

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