Research Proposal on Airlines

An airline is an organization which offers passenger and cargo air transportation services and other services connected with industry, military and other purposes. There are many kinds of airlines which differ according to their transportation capability, size and quality of the service. There are airlines which only offer passenger transport into the definite parts of the world; the great airlines which are available all over the world and carry one to any place of the planet.

Other companies focus of the cargo transportation delivering various goods from one part of the world to the other by plane. Such airlines cooperate with the great corporations and develop with their help, because it is cheaper and faster to transport goods by plane. Airlines can exist independently or create certain alliances cooperating with one another for the common profit.

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Evidently, the number of airlines is extremely high, because the business is quite profitable and there is a need of it. On the other hand it is quite difficult to develop for a small airline to attract clients and complete with the greater organizations. Every airline offers the very services which it can fulfill. The types of the services depend on the kinds of aircraft the company possesses. Every airline has its own park of planes and on the basis of the abilities and size of the planes it has offer cheap or expensive passenger or cargo transportation or private flights. Generally, the prices on flights are reducing constantly, in spite of the fact that the fuel is getting more and more expensive.

The explanation is simple: the competition on the market of airlines is so high, that only low prices can attract clients.

If a student has brand new ideas concerning the development of the airlines and their perspectives, he can try to prepare a good airlines research proposal and develop his ideas further in the research paper. A good research proposal should not only possess informative and interesting relevant content but persuade the professor that student’s brand new ideas are worth his attention and the research paper will be valuable for the discipline. The paper is supposed to include the problem, the purpose and methods which are expected to solve the suggested problem.

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