Research Proposal on Corporate Finance

Corporate finance is the financial relations which are connected with the distribution and achievement of the financial benefit and accumulations and their use for the various purposes of the business. It is obvious that every business, company or corporation has its own capital and it is important to operate the money in the appropriate way in order to succeed in the development of the company and the common profit for the employers and employees. Briefly, corporate finance is the accumulated money resource which is used for the self-improvement of a company and for the use in the strategic purposes. Every company is supposed to create the clear principles of corporate finance management in order to make the control over the capital easier. The company has to create its own structure and distribute the money between the departments, sectors and other structural elements based on the strategy and needs of the selected sector.

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Corporate finance helps to operate the actives of the company in the right way, diagnose the financial condition of the company and make the objective financial statement for the investors interested in the development of the company and the profit for the investor.

Corporate finance fulfills many functions and tasks. First of all with its help it is possible to control the quantity of the produced goods and services. Then there is the distributor function. The goods, services and the finance are distributed between the manufacturer, mediator and the state budget. The corporate finance plays the core role in the improvement of the production of the company and the formation of the prior ways of its development.

Corporate finance is the important factor which influences the development of the company and its rapid and intensive improvement. If the student is interested in the issue of the corporate finance and its structure, he can complete a good research proposal about the problem. First of all the student should present the purpose of the research, the methodology and the literature used for the investigation of the problem. It is important to understand the functions, structure strong and weak sides of corporate finance and demonstrate the alternative approach towards the research of the problematic questions.

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