Research Proposal on Debt Management

Debt management is the process during which a debtor asks a third side to solve his debt problems with the creditor. Every businessman who starts his own business always borrows money from someone to be able to develop his firm well. It is obvious that every creditor expects to receive his money back with a certain percent, but the main problem is that the company does not always manage to do it. It is often a problem for businessmen calculate their profit and find the required sum of money which can be returned to the creditor. In this case a range of debt management companies offer their services to help businessman cope with their debts. A debt management company investigates and analyzes the work of the firm, the profit it gains, its expenditures, taxes, etc.

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On the basis of these calculations and analysis the company tries to organize the work of the firm and advise how to cope with the debts. If there are several creditors, the company will advise whom to pay first taking into account the percent and the amount of the debt. So, debt companies can be called reliable institutions which teach businessman to spend less, earn more and return debts correctly and wisely. It is obvious that such a detailed plan of a debt management company costs money, but it can save business and solve many problems based on the credit and organization of the work and production in the whole.

Every company which wants to organize their work well and cope with debts professionally should take advantage of the debt management plan created by the experts in this field. A successful debt management research proposal is a serious piece of work, because students have to investigate the topic in detail, understand it and even develop their own ideas which can improve the quality of the debt management methods in future. A student is expected to prepare a good research proposal which will convince the professor that the topic is really worth his attention and that the result of the research will be important and valuable for the discipline. Finally, a student should provide the key ideas and the methods of the research briefly and logically to impress the professor,

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