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A digital library is a diverse information system which enables to store and use various collections of electronic documents (texts, audio and video files) due to the development of the Internet. The development of digital libraries is connected with the improvement of the high-technologies and the global network – the Internet. While the humanity lives in the information age, the value of such digital libraries increases constantly. It is not a secret that the popularity of digital libraries will defeat the popularity of the ordinary “material” ones, because they are more convenient and effective. The most obvious advantage of a digital library is the opportunity to find and read the book one needs at home without going out. It saves much time and many efforts and provides the reader with the constant access to the book (while the ordinary library permits to borrow the book for a week or two). Furthermore, a digital library provides the reader with the exclusive opportunity of reading the valuable, rare and old books.

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Due to the technologies of scanning such valuable books have been scanned and now everyone is able to look them through without causing harm to them. On the other hand, there are several disadvantages of a digital library. First of all it is a little choice of the literary sources, because it is impossible to scan everything. Then, the digital books which can be read with the help of the computer screen influence the human eyes negatively. In spite of several weak sides, digital libraries have huge perspectives and probably distribute the ordinary libraries with the digital sources.

A digital library is an effective improvement of the human knowledge and protection of the culture and publishing heritage of the humanity. The student is able to dwell on the strong and weak sides of the digital libraries, present the principles of their work and the methods which enable to make books in the digital way. One is supposed to prepare a demonstration of the purpose of the research, the intentions concerning the results of the research and the relevance of the topic. The student should illustrate his project on digital library in detail and demonstrate the examples of the best world digital libraries with the brief descriptions. Finally, one can construct a project with his own digital library.

The aim of a research proposal is to convince the professor in the success of the chosen topic for the project. With the help of a free example research proposal on digital library the student is able to see the appropriate manner of the persuasive writing and the right analysis of the chosen problem.

Moreover, a good free sample research proposal on digital library can demonstrate the right construction and format of the text.

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