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Electronics is the science about the interaction of electrons with the magnetic fields and methods of the creation of the electric appliances and equipment for the conversion of the electromagnetic energy for the transition, storage and processing of information. The process of the development of electronics is quite long although people started to use electricity not so long ago. The main factor which caused the development of electronics was the invention of the radio. It is obvious that the invention of the radio was a revolution in the development of the human civilization and it became to be used in different spheres of human life, especially, in the ships and for the military purposes. Having become a widespread invention, the quality of the radio was planned to be improved and the elementary basis of this improvement was supplied by electronics. The elementary basis of the first generation existed in the form of the vacuum tubes.

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Naturally, the name of the science was vacuum electronics. The development of vacuum electronics was caused by the invention of television and radars which were widely used in the World War 2.

Unfortunately, vacuum tubes had numerous disadvantages, being too heavy and consuming too much energy. This caused the development of solid-state electronics which started to use diodes and transistors as the elementary basis. The further development of electronics is connected with the invention of computers, which introduced the new era of electronics in the form of integrated circuits, microprocessors and cellular networks.

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