Research Proposal on Global Warming

Global warming is the constant rise of the planet’s temperature, which has negative effect on the existence of people, animals and plants. The impact of the global warming is fearful. First of all it is a big problem for the nature; many animals can not stand high temperatures and simply die from heat. Then, because of the high temperature the ice of the Northern and Southern Poles start to melt down. The consequences of this phenomenon are terrible. For example, the ice is the source of fresh drinking water to a range of countries; so, when they lose this source of water big problems will occur.

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Next, when millions of tonnes of ice melt, it will raise the sea level and vast territories will become under water. Evidently, it will cause a range of political problems, for example, there will be wars for food, territory, water and resources. The global warming process depends on many factors, most of which are connected with the human activity and careless usage of the resources of the planet (greenhouse effect, air pollution, deforestation, etc.). Much has been done to reduce the speed of global warming but, unfortunately, the effect can be slightly noticed.

Everyone will agree that the topic of global warming is the most popular one among scientists, scholars and all sorts of ecologists. A great number of international organizations have been founded in order to stop the warming up process or to reduce its rapid rise. Nearly every student from high school to college and university is asked to prepare a research paper of the problem to attract the attention of the younger generation towards the problem. When a student is very smart and has some interesting and what is important effective thoughts concerning the solution of the problem, he is welcome to create a research proposal which should prove that his concept is worth attention. A good research proposal should be not only logical and brand new but interesting and convincing.

If a student wants to succeed in research proposal writing, he has to devote much time to the investigation of the problem. First of all he has to read a great number of literary sources on the topic, including free example research proposals on global warming and climate change in the Internet. Such help will be useful, if one does not know how to organize a paper correctly and how to convince the reader in his point of view. A well-composed free sample research proposal on global warming and its effects will be a good model for the original and successful paper writing for every young professional who is in the need of professional assistance.

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