Research Proposal on Supply Chain Management

Supply chain management is the complex of actions and policies which are aimed at the on time delivery of the materials and products to the consumer. Supply chains are extremely important nowadays because people have got used to receiving all they want on definite time and for the most affordable price. The completion in the sphere of chain supply is extremely great, that is why when a certain company fails cope with the order on time, it will be substituted by another supply company at once.

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The idea of supply chains is very simple. In order to produce an ordinary laptop one has to manage the supply chain which is quite long and different. In order to create material for the laptop one will require oil and other resources, so the first part of the chain is the resource supply provided by special companies. The required resources are delivered to the plants and factories which produce materials and details for the future laptop. After that another part of the chain composes all the parts into the one object – the laptop. But that is not all. One has to sell the laptop to the customer.

Besides the ready made product has to be kept somewhere, which is also time and money, so a professional manager has to find a good place to keep his wares and advertise them successfully to sell them quickly. Customers often do not know that their order which is fulfilled on time has passed a long way to satisfy their expectations.

Every student who plans to be an expert in supply chain management or management and business in general should research the topic profoundly and create a good research paper on it.

One should study the topic well to be aware of all its key points, methods and types of management and on the basis of his knowledge he is able to prepare a good PhD or Master’s research proposal which is expected to clear up the existing questions in the topic and the whole discipline. Students have to remember that a good research proposal should be brief, interesting, informative, logical and convincing. One should attract attention of the professor and prove that the topic is worth investigation and support his point of view with reliable evidence and effective brand new ideas and methods of chain supply.

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