Research Proposal on Wind Energy

Wind energy is the use of the wind for the production of energy of any kinds: electricity, heating, etc and its use for the various purposes in industry and agriculture. The power of the wind has always been known by people and they used it in different way. For example, the first use of the wind energy was observed in sea voyages, when a ship was moved with the help of a sail which catches wind masses. Then, the wind was used in agriculture for making flour. There were special wind mills, which worked with the help of the wind power and grinded grain making flour used in bakery.

Today, the power of the wind is widely used for various purposes. Due to the hard work of the scientists who have developed the technology of the wind turbines the humanity is able to receive electric and mechanical energy from the power of the wind. It is obvious that wind energy is one of the best ways out of the resource crisis which is waiting for the humanity in the nearest future when the reserves of oil become exhausted.

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Besides, wind energy is the most ecologically safe type of energy, which does not spoil the environment and produce any kinds of wastes. Today, many countries of the world already use the wind power for the production of electricity. In Denmark, Portugal, Ireland and Germany vast territories of the open places are occupied by the wind farms, where the wind turbines transform the power of the wind into other types of energy.

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