River Pollution Research Paper

Rivers pollution is the contamination of the river water with partially toxic substances. The river pollution, i.e., the deliberate and unlawful river water pollution, is a criminal offense. The law is designed to protect the environment and in particular the water conservation.

River pollution is defined as a change in the quality of the river water with a harmful effect on humans, animals, or plants that come into contact with the water. River pollution can be harmful to human health, animal health or even fatal. Contaminated water is not suitable for drinking, and is not, for example, or is less suitable for bathing or fishing.

College students, who write their research paper on river pollution, must know that the term “river pollution” is usually related to human activity but can also be of natural origin.

Sometimes pollution occurs by erosion of substances from the rocks in the subsurface, or by erosion after heavy rainfall.

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There are many different types of chemicals that are considered contaminant that cause river pollution. It can range from simple atoms to complex molecules. They are divided into different classes and have their own way of ending up in the environment and also have their own dangers.

Most of the river pollution is by untreated effluents from factories and cities caused by the damaged sewer, however, they may also be disposed of illegal substances (e.g., oil wastes).

Also waters are often polluted by agriculture, especially if they have a large catchment area. The of agricultural land is often rich in fertilizers, which are coming into rivers with rain water can cause hypoxia in the entire body of water. In addition, heavy metals often pollute the ricer water. They can be removed only with great effort.

In the middle of the 19th century, people started to realize that the discharge of wastewater without any form of treatment was harmful. Stench, not to make it suitable for consumption and the spread of diseases first led to the construction of sewers and treatment plants. The oldest sewer located in Maastricht and dates from 1852. After the cholera epidemic of 1866, with 21,000 deaths, the sewer systems in Rotterdam and Maastricht were improved. In 1930 the construction of urban sewage was widely underway.

Water pollution is detected in laboratories, where samples are analyzed for different contaminants. Fish also can be used to search for contaminants.

Changes in their behavior or growth show if the water in which they live is polluted. Specific characteristics of these organisms provide information on the type of contamination. The researchers also used computer models to see what hazards are present in certain river, seas, or lakes. These data are entered into the computer, and so you can see if there is contamination or not.

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