Role of Media in Democracy Research Paper

The media is an integral part of the society’s political system. The media system is a reflection of society. At the same time, the media have a grave impact on society and its status and development. They can contribute to the progress or dampen it. The media represent the interests of society, various social groups, and individual personalities. Their work has significant political consequences, because of the nature of the information, addressable audience, defines its relationship to reality and the direction of social action. Therefore, to a general recognition of the political experts, media inform, not just report the news, but also promote certain ideas, insights, teachings, political programs and thereby participate in social management. By shaping public opinion, individual social attitudes, the formation of conscience, media are pushing people to certain actions, activities.

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Use free sample research papers about the role of media in democracy to learn that in a democratic, law-based State, every citizen is granted the right to know about everything that is going on inside the country and in the world. As rightly emphasized in many studies and derived from the diverse and vibrant practice, without transparency there is no democracy, without democracy, there is no transparency. In turn, transparency and democracy are not conceivable without a free, independent media.

The media, in this case, are such components of a democratic system, as the Parliament, the Executive Branch, and an independent court. In this regard, the media is referred to as a fourth power. It is a figurative expression not only talks about them as about power but also as having a unique, distinct character, unlike the power of legislative, executive and judicial branches of the Government. What is this uniqueness?

First of all, it is not real power. It does not have any legislative, executive, law enforcement and other social bodies. The media cannot require, oblige, punish. Their only weapon is the word, sound, image, having certain information, i.e. message, judgment, evaluation, approval, or condemnation of the events, actions, the behavior of individuals, groups of people, parties, public organizations, government, etc.

Media provides free society an invaluable service as a mirror, allowing it to learn itself better. The absence of such “mirror” leads to degradation and degeneration of democracy. History shows us that all the leaders of totalitarian regimes, not wishing to look at their reflection, have ended badly. The role of media in the democracy should be, figuratively speaking, dialectically opposite to that of the power, and not just a propaganda tool.

With more rights and opportunities, media professionals have a responsibility to the society, and the abuse of the freedom of speech is punishable by law in all countries of the world. It is not allowed to use media for disclosing information that constitutes a State or other secret specially protected by the law; to call people for the violent overthrow or change of the existing regime and social system, propaganda of war, violence or cruelty, racial, ethnic, or religious exclusivity or intolerance, pornography to commit other criminally punishable acts. Also, is prohibited and is punishable to use media to interfere in the personal lives of citizens, infringe their honor and dignity.

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