Science Fiction Research Paper

Science fiction (also Sci-Fi) is a genre of literature and cinema, which is based on reflections on the theme of science and new technologies.

The most visible areas of science fiction are:

  • Alternative fiction;
  • Social fiction;
  • Military science fiction;
  • Apocalyptic fiction;
  • Xeno fiction – describes the life of the alien psychology and structure of the society, quite different from the human;
  • Cyberpunk is the basis of global computerization and its consequences;
  • Space opera;
  • Feminist science fiction;

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College and university students, who are about to write their research papers on science fiction The emergence of science fiction was caused by the industrial revolution in the XIX century. First, science fiction was a genre of literature that described the achievements of science and technology, the prospects for their development and so on. It often described (usually in the form of utopia) the world of the future. A classic example of this type of fiction was the works of Jules Verne.

Later, the development of technology has been considered in a negative light (dystopia). As examples the works Time Machine by HG Wells or Fahrenheit 451 by Ray Bradbury could be mantioned. Dystopia considered the negative consequences not only of technological progress. In the XX century, there was also a social fiction describing future changes not in the technology, but society. The most famous dystopia is “1984” by George Orwell.

In the 20’s and 30’s of the XX century, fantasy separated into a genre of “fairy tale for adults.” However, science fiction and fantasy are two completely different direction in fiction. If the basis of the Sci-Fi is theoretically possible developments of the events, fantasy is all about magic and mythology, and is more akin to a fairy tale. Despite this, some authors combine these genres in their work, which leads to a large number of branches and new directions.

In the 1980’s, a dystopian subgenre cyberpunk began to gain popularity. Notable examples of works in this direction are “Johnny Mnemonic,” “The Matrix,” “The Labyrinth of reflections.”

Categorization of science fiction can sometimes be a problematic task: some sci-fi works clearly fall into the category of specific subgenre, while others intertwine, combine two or more themes and border several genres. The opinions of readers, authors, and literary critics often vary. One example is the fluctuation characteristics of genre is the series Vatta’s War by Elizabeth Moon, which can be described as a military science fiction but also has elements of space opera.

While some believe science fiction to be a highly entertaining genre, the writers often destroy the stereotype, turning their books into serious tractates, loading them with latent philosophical, social, or direct scientific content. It is this combination of an exciting story and true science, written in popular language, thanks to which sci-fi story of some authors gain more popularity.

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