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Sherlock Holmes is the main character in a series of world-famous detective stories by Arthur Conan Doyle, and the prototype of an astute professional detective who will stop at nothing, neither toils nor dangers. His biographer, companion, and colleague is Dr. John H. Watson.

Sherlock Holmes made ??an entrance into the associated world with the novel A Study in Scarlet (1887), and gained great notoriety a few years later when the first Holmes short stories began to appear in The Strand Magazine. Holmes is characterized by his impressive observation and reasoning which he occasionally tries on Dr. Watson and Inspector G. Lestrade.

The striking feature of the Sherlock Holmes method is that he performs fairly modern crime scene investigations. By deduction, he draws out facts from evidence, which allows him to solve the case. Sherlock Holmes method is therefore called a positivism. It is widely believed that Sherlock Holmes was the one who popularized the forensics in the form it is applied today, for example, by CSI and Forensic Science Laboratory.

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Holmes plays the violin. During all periods of inactivity, he injects morphine or seven per cent cocaine solution in the absence of the stimulus that work otherwise provides.

Other characters who belong to the Sherlock Holmes world is a landlady Mrs. Hudson (who owns a floor at 221B Baker Street), Inspector G Lestrade, the Baker Street irregulars (a gang of street urchins who help Holmes), Mycroft Holmes (Holmes’ actually smarter brother), and obviously Professor James Moriarty – Holmes’ archenemy.

Doctor Watson is the narrator of all the novels and short stories, with the exception of two short stories where Holmes is the narrator, and one that is told from the third person, and without him as a human counterpoint to the Holmes stories, they would hardly work as well as they do.

Holmes was created partly inspired by Edgar Allan Poe’s detective Dupin, but in terms of inference art, he is said to be based on Conan Doyle’s university teachers in Edinburgh, Dr. Joseph Bell, whose observation skills were legendary.

Overall, Conan Doyle wrote four novels and 56 short stories about Sherlock Holmes. He got pretty sick of his figure and put him in the short story The Final Problem (1894), in which he let him fall off the Reichenbach fall in Switzerland during a battle with Professor Moriarty. Hound of the Baskervilles (1902 ), takes place several years before Holmes presumed dead. In 1905, however, Doyle revived his character by letting him have survived the case.

There are several societies dedicated to Sherlock Holmes. One of them, The Baker Street Irregulars, takes its name from the street youth gangs that Holmes sometimes utilized as helpers.

The Swedish Society The Baskerville Hall Club of Sweden was founded in 1979.

Sherlock Holmes’s most devoted admirers consider the imaginary detective still present in life, as the news of his death has not yet been published by The Times.

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