Time Management Research Proposal

Time management is the complex of methods and techniques of the optimal organization of time for the appropriate solution of various asks, projects and calendar events. The major approaches towards the problem of time management are connected with the setting of the priorities, distributing of the task on the minor tasks and cooperation with other people. The factors which influence time management are methods of influence on motivation and control over the results.

Various psychological trainings are conducted for the improvement of the personal ability of time management, because nowadays this issue is quite relevant, as people live in the dynamic society and require fulfilling many problems and tasks. The basic components and means of the successful time management are the personal calendar (this helps to follow the time and to be able calculate the days to the deadline), the list of the current tasks and projects.

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The matter of time management is actively introduced in the high technologies. For example, one is able to manage time with the help of such programs as Microsoft Outlook, iCal and with the help of the software of the modern cell phones and smart phones. The basic approach towards the problem of time management starts from the personal observations and calculations. One should have a diary and note all the events he has taken part in during the day and how much time he has spent on every task and event. With the help of this information one will be able to construct a logical and useful everyday plan which would help to manage time and set the primary and secondary tasks in the right way.

Time management is the ability to operate time in the most intensive way and the skill to fulfill many duties in the shortest terms. The student who has many wise brilliant ideas about the improvement of the techniques of time management is able to prepare a research proposal and convince the professor in the quality of the chosen topic. The student’s duty is to illustrate the purpose of writing, enumerate the methods and sources used for the research and share the constructive ideas on the time management techniques with the professor.

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