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Transgender is an umbrella term that arose mainly in order to be a unifying term in sexual matters. Transgender usually means persons who, through their gender expression and/or gender identity differs from the gender norm. It may for example be transvestites, transgenders, drag kings/drag queens, transsexuals, intergender, and intersex. The concept is not mandatory; it says every one is free to define themselves as transgender or not. A person who is not transgender is called a cisgender.

To write a descent transgender research paper you must know that transgender people may perceive themselves as men, women, both man and woman, or neutral, regardless of their biological sex and legal gender is male or female. They can also choose not to define their gender at all. Trans people who define their gender is often referred to as either FtM (Female to Male) for a trans guy or transman, or MtF (Male to Female), for a trans girl/woman.

They often use the abbreviations indicating therefore first the sex their were assigned since birth, and then the one they identify themselves with, forever or for now. The acronym often used by/about transsexuals but also among transvestites and transgender people.

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Presumably, transvestites are the largest group of all transgender people, although it often is transgender or drag queens who appears in the media. There are different opinions about intersex should be included among transgender or not. There are also different opinions on fetishism transvestites should be included in the term or not. Most of LGBTQ culture seems to suggest that the fetishism of the opposite sex’s clothes should be viewed separately.

Being transgender is not related to the person’s sexual orientation. It hangs instead together with the person’s gender identity and gender expression, and how these relate to the person’s biological sex. Transgender people may be heterosexual, homosexual, bisexual, or asexual, or define their sexual orientation in any other way, just like anyone.

People in different ways identified with and/or transgender lived like any other gender that has probably been presented and generally accepted in all times and cultures. Depending on the culture, they have been regarded as more or less abnormal, in a positive or negative way. The way to look at gender also varied; that sex is something absolute, consisting of a dichotomous division of men and women is a latter-day inventions.

The early cultures that analyzed gender different than today’s Western society include Egypt, where from 800 to 200 BC a term transperson was used. Hindu and Buddhist tradition also recognized three sex, where the third sex (modern denoted Hijras) are considered to serve the goddess Bahuchara Mata and thus filled/fill a cultish/religious function. Nowadays in India there also are people who have the status of Hijras in his passport; this is referred to as the E for eunuch, instead of M or F.

Within the Native American tribes in Illinois, it was considered that the transgender men have particularly important spiritual qualities that made them particularly suitable as shamans. Their own name for these transgender people were “Ikoneta,” while the French called them “BERDACHE.” Ikonetas dressed in women’s clothing, assumed the role of woman in society, and had sexual relationships with both men and women. They enjoyed neither an exalted status or despised, but was rather feared for their supernatural powers.

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