Vitamin D Deficiency Research Proposal

Vitamin D deficiency is the shortage of vitamin D in the human organism because of the insufficient food consumption and lack of the spending time outdoors. Vitamin D deficiency touches upon more than 1 billion people of Earth and can be called one of the most widespread problems. According to the survey in the USA the possibility of the deficiency of vitamin D among children older than 1 year is equal to 8%. About 24% are at the risk of the facing the diseases and other health problems which can occur because of the insufficient consumption of the food containing vitamin D. In spite of the great quantity of sunlight, such countries as India, Pakistan, Iran, China., etc have serious problems with the deficiency of vitamin D.

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According to the reports, more than 60% of people face the problem of shortage of the vitamin. When there is not enough of the vitamin D in the human organism, numerous diseases appear which are mainly related with the bone diseases. First of all it is rickets among the children whose mother in the state of pregnancy suffered from the shortage of sunlight and food containing vitamin D. If one consumes not enough of quality food, it can influence the density of bones and the disease called osteoporosis appears. It can occur not only among small children but among grownups who consume poor quality food and who have just changed the climate of living. Furthermore, the shortage of vitamin D affects the human liver, kidneys and cardiovascular system.

Vitamin D deficiency is serious and widespread problem which is characterized with the bone diseases and other problems with health among the people who spend little time on the sunlight and consume not enough food rich in vitamin D. The student is able to research the problem on vitamin D deficiency in order to broaden his knowledge about the diseases which can occur because of the shortage of the vitamin and suggest his own approach towards the problem and its analysis. One is able to choose the most interesting and thought-provoking points related with vitamin D and suggest the most helpful methods for the research of the problem.

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