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Acoustics is a science about sound, studying physical nature of the sound and issues related to its source, propagation, perception, and effect. Acoustics is one of the physics’ branches, studying oscillations and waves from the lowest (0 Hz) to ultra-high frequencies.

To write a successful research paper on the topic you must know that acoustics is an interdisciplinary science that uses a wide range of disciplines to solve the problems in such disciplines as physics, mathematics, architecture, psychology, medicine, biology, hygiene, music theory, etc.

Acoustics is one of the oldest sciences. Its appearance dates back to the ancient times and is due to the need of people to understand the nature of speech and hearing, but especially the sounds of music and musical instruments. It was the ancient mathematician Pythagoras who first found out that tone height corresponds to the length of the sting or tube. His apprentice, Aristotle has discovered that sounding object causes the air compressions and decompressions and explained the echo as the sound reflection from obstacles.

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In the Middle-ages the science was mostly abandoned and became actual only with the Renaissance. Italian scientist, artist, and philosopher Leo da Vinci studied the sound reflections and explained the principle of the independence of the propagation of the sound waves from different sources.

The history of acoustics as a branch of physics can be divided in three periods: the first – from the early seventeenth century to the early eighteenth century – can be characterized by exploring the system of music tones, their sources (strings, tubes), and the speed of sound propagation.

Galileo Galilee has found out that sounding body is subjected to oscillations and the tone depends on the frequency of these oscillations, and the sound intensity depends on the oscillation amplitude. The French scholar Mersaine, who followed Galilee, could already define the frequency of a sounding string. He was as well the first to measure the sound speed in the air. The Englishman Guck has defined though the experiment the rate between the body deformation and related stress.

The second period lasted for two centuries – from the beginning of the Newton mechanics in the late seventeenth century to the early twentieth century – when acoustics has been developed as a branch of mechanics. This period is marked by the creation of the mechanic oscillation general theory, radiation and propagation of the sound waves in the medium, the development of the methods for measuring sound characteristics in the medium, the impulse, stream, and energy of the sound waves, as well as the sound speed propagation. The frequency range became much wider and included infrasonic and ultrasonic frequencies. In addition, the physical nature of the tone was explained.

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